Specialty Services

We are proud to assist those families who choose cremation for their loved one's final wishes.

All cremations are performed at our crematory located at Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Kingwood by a WV licensed crematory operator who is a member of our care team. This ensures that your loved one never leaves our care for any reason.

If you are interested in having the dinner following the funeral service catered, we will be glad to help assist you with your needs.

The horses pictured with our Hearse Carriage on the top left and bottom left are Belgian Draft Horses that were provided to us from Sunshine Acres Carriage Service, from McClelland town, PA, courtesy of Tony and Marlene Myers and Family. 

The Myers family takes pride in the use of their horses to assist us in providing this type of service to you and your loved one.

Picture here with the Belgian Draft Horses is
Co-Owner of Sunshine Acres, Raymond Theodori

Pictured here are Funeral Director Craig Rotruck
(top right) and owners of Sunshine Acres Carriage
Service with their Belgian Draft Horses.

As you can see, a beautiful farewell using the carriage